Dog “Gordon Ramsays” Food Demonstration


Mari-Chan is not amused.  Not with the ingredients (tofu) or with the overall presentation.  Watch her gleefully sabotage this kitchen demonstration.

Hello, everyone.
Today, we will be cooking no ordinary Hiyayakko (cold tofu), but a fancy SUPER Hiyayakko.
First, get your salt and pepper ready. Yes, on Hiyayakko. You may be surprised, but it will add a nice accent to the flavor. [bump, bump, squish] And, here comes the protagonist, tofu.
Wash the surface and drain off the water very well.
Ok, let us put this standing on here. [plop] Now, the key ingredient, chicken breast.
Heat it with a microwave and crumble it like this, and have it ready for later. [munch munch] Now, place the drained tofu on a dish, and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it.
On the top of it, let us put the chicken we prepared earlier…… or in case we couldn’t, that will still do.
Now, for the flavoring, let us use the classic, soy sauce. But this time, we want to enjoy the taste of the tofu itself, so just a little bit.

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