This Dog Got Hysterically BUSTED! But What His Owner Does Is Brilliant, LOL.

In the video, this naughty couple of dogs carried out several destructive activities. In fact they seem to be doing it regularly. While the floor was being cleaned, one of the dogs was busy disrupting the activity by nibbling at the vacuum cleaner several times. Although he was not able to stop the activity completely, he made it last a little longer.

After that, one of them littered the whole floor with toilet rolls by pulling out their sheet. He must have wasted several rolls by this mischievous and annoying play. Thinking that is all? You are dead wrong. This is just the beginning! A little girl was playing on the field with a certain item in her hand and one of these dogs attacked her, knocked her down and yanked the item from her. The girl tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the item from this nasty dog.

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