Dog Had 1 Week Left At High-Kill Shelter, But A Grooming Session Saved His Life

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Charlie the Terrier mix was shaking and crying on the side of a road in LA in a disturbing physical condition. His disheveled fur was covered in pesky burrs in every corner, causing the heartbroken dog a lot of pain and discomfort. Some Good Samaritans picked him up and dropped him off at a nearby animal shelter, but this left Charlie further traumatized.

The overcrowded shelter was a high kill facility where street rescues like Charlie only had one week to find a home. When the shelter workers saw the visitors being repulsed by Charlie’s appearance, they realized that the poor baby would definitely end up getting euthanized at this rate.

Despite a busy schedule, one of the shelter workers took some time out to take Charlie to a groomer for an urgent bath and trim session. The groomer was shocked to see the dog’s miserable state after years of neglect, and decided to give him a complete shave.

In this video, we see Charlie’s precious reaction the moment he feels that his filthy, burdensome fur is gone for good. He instantly loses the look of defeat on his face and blooms into a confident furry prince. And just like that, Charlie leaves his dark days behind and moves into his forever home in record 2 days after being groomed! That’s incredible!

Click the video below to watch Charlie’s touching story and how a grooming session saved his life.

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