Dog Has A Fantastic Dream And Lights Up The Room With His Smiles

Your dog is sleeping soundly, sighing contently, snuggled up next to you. Suddenly, they start twitching! And running in their sleep! And making strange (though…to be fair…still cute) noises! What is going on? It’s something all dog owners have probably experienced. Dreaming dogs are pretty fascinating to watch. These imaginative little creatures are obviously in their own little world, and it’s downright adorable.

In the video below, we meet a sweet Australian Cattle Dog named Scout who is enjoying a nap on the couch. His owner records as the cute pup twitches his ears, excitedly hiccups and paws around during what sure seems like an entertaining dream!

At the end of the video, as Scout’s owner comforts the pup, we see perhaps the cutest part of all…a doggie smile!

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