Dog Hears Favorite Whitney Houston Song. Her Reaction? Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing.

Are you a fan of Whitney Houston? Well here we have a Whitney Houston fan who loves to sing every time she hears her favorite Whitney song! But this one is no ordinary fan! Why? Coz she’s a dog!

Everyone, meet Xena ‘The Diva Dog’! Xena is not just a fan of Whitney Houston, she has a favorite Whitney song that she loves to sing! And I gotta say, this Diva has some talent! She even entered the Belgium’s Got Talent contest where she showed off her own rendition of her favorite Whitney song! The judges and the audience were so entertained! Curious of how Xena’s humans discovered her singing prowess, the judges just had to ask how Xena’s humans figured out Xena’s rare talent! It all started when Xena was a puppy, the song just came on, and she just started to sing along! Right then and there, a star was born! Watch the video below and listen to Xena the Diva Dog sing her favorite song!

Wow! I am so impressed!! The judges were so impressed by Xena’s singing too! Everyone in the audience cheered for her!

Way to go, Xena! You definitely are a Diva!

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