Dog hides bone in couch, covers it with blanket

If you own a dog, or have owned a dog at any point in your life, you know how fond they are of digging and bones. The pooch in this video probably didn’t remember he had a whole yard (or maybe they live in an apartment), but he decided to hide his favorite bone in a place you wouldn’t expect.

He chose the couch as the perfect hiding spot, and here we can see him adamantly trying to hide his bone from sight. When he realizes that the bone is still visible between the couch cushions, he thinks that covering it with a blanket would be the best thing to do. For good measure, he brushes imaginary dirt on it and attempts to pull a blanket over it. He proudly walks off once complete, however his attempt may not have been as successful as he thought!

Dogs are a true blessing for any family, and they make our everyday lives even better, they teach us how to be more compassionate and loyal, and of course – they pull off funny stunts like this, which we then capture on video and put online so the whole world can enjoy. Too precious!

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