Dog Hit by Car Survives 248-Mile Drive Stuck in Bumber


Apparently, the dog barking was what got Zhang to stop and check his bumper.  Of course, he had already driven a couple hundred miles across China before hearing, or checking on the dog.

However, the second he realized something was up, he did check.  He decided to get help as soon as possible.  He drove, with the dog still in the bumper, to a veterinary clinic where he enlisted the help of medical professionals to get the dog out.

Once the dog was taken out, a full medical work up was done.  In somewhat of a miracle, the dog was totally unharmed.  According to medical staff at the clinic, the dog suffered “barely a scratch.”

Zhang says that of course, it was the work of fate.  He belonged with this dog, and has since adopted him.



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  1. Michael Dale

    I was gonna say who the fuck hits a dog and just keeps driving? Then I saw this happened in China and it instantly made sense. Fuck China.

  2. monica

    I hope that found a foster home or somebody adopt the cute dog.The dog is adorable and I happy that the dog save and getting help it need lots of love.

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