Dog Hit By Car Opens Her Eyes As Man Says A Prayer For Her

While driving along a street in July of 2015, David Loop saw a down lying motionless in the road. It was obvious the little dog had been hit by a car; David thought she was dead. He stopped, picked her up and moved her to the side of the road. Before leaving, he said a quick prayer. And then, the dog blinked! She wasn’t dead! But, she was barely alive.

David quickly rushed her to the veterinarian. He had seen this sort of thing before – no one expected the dog to survive, but they could at least stop her suffering. The video below chronicles the entire journey of this little dog named Miracle. You will need a few tissues for this video, but it is totally worth a look! Tiny spoiler, the dog isn’t named Miracle for nothing – wait until you see her now!

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”700″]

I fail to understand how anyone involved in reckless driving would just ignore the plea of a hurt soul. Whoever hit this darling should be ashamed for not helping her as soon as she was injured. Share if you agree, people.


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