Dog homeless and confused after being abandoned at a New York park

A beautiful young dog has been left with a confused, and sad heart after someone opened their car door and abandoned her at a park in New York. The brindle dog, dubbed Dahlia, was picked up and taken to the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Wantagh and now, she waits…hoping that someone will notice her and take her home.

Days ago, the animal shelter issued a Facebook plea on Dahlia’s behalf:

“This scared, sweet little baby was found loose in a park, after someone saw a car pull up, open the door, and let her out. Can you even imagine how terrified she must have been, being abandoned like that? It truly breaks our hearts into a million pieces.”

The person who witnessed the cruel incident was unable to see the car’s license plate. The upside is that Dahlia was picked up and taken to the animal shelter – she is safe and not fending for herself on the streets. According to staff, she is still scared and nervous (especially around men), but she adores the attention of women.

Dahlia deserves a new home, with a family who would never consider throwing her own to fend for herself. Please network Dahlia’s photo and information and help her find a new home.

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