Dog in Minnesota has a Rare Talent for Art


Newman is a dog rescued by the Grunhovd family, and right from the start, his new human mom knew he was a “high energy” dog.  This would get even worse when it was far too cold for him to romp and play outside due to the cold.  So, Newman’s mom decided to teach him how to paint, and now this little guy is find out he may become art’s next big thing.

Newman’s mom had seen other dogs, in online and television videos, using their paws to paint.  She wanted to see if it would be possible to take things one step further.  She tried to get him to use a paint brush, which he picked up quite well!


Using a system where he’d get treats for using his mouth to hold the paintbrush.  It didn’t take very long for Newman to discover that he really did have talent in the art world.  He now sells his prints, online of course, at his very own page.


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