Dog Is Determined To Speak Husky To His Friends On The Computer

Meet Chester, the English bulldog who, while watching a youtube video of two huskies howling, started howling back. It seems like Chester understood what the two huskies were saying and so he made howling sounds as if to communicate with them too. Funny how some breeds can mimic the sound of other breeds. I think dogs can communicate by the various sounds they make. A growl is for anger and howling is hunger and barking is to call attention. Hmmm…is Chester trying to tell us he is hungry too?? :O

All breeds have a common way of communicating by sound and it is wonderful to observe the interaction between other dogs and see how they respond. Since they spend most of their time with us humans, dogs also need to communicate with their kind. When you take them to the park or if just watching dog videos on youtube, see how they are able to make their own personal sound to communicate.

It seems like dogs love to communicate with everyone, not just their kind or with other breeds but especially with us. When we talk to them, they are very responsive. Wouldn’t it be great if they learn to speak “human” as well?


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