Dog Is Found Tied To A Fence And Left To Die In The Florida Heat

A Poodle named Sam was found tied to a fence and left to die in the Florida heat. No one knew for sure how long he was left there to fend for himself, and it was a miracle he was found at all. The poor thing needed help in the worst way.

After hearing about the situation, Florida Yorkie Rescue didn’t hesitate to bring him in. The dog was blind and only weighed 7.7 lbs. He was not only starved but found to have infected eyes, severe anemia, hookworms, open wounds, and anal gland tumors.

They made a promise to Sam to do whatever it’d take to save his life, and the difference in only one week was astounding. Sam soon had fans from all over the world sending in donations to help with surgery and recovery — and he would pull through! Sam’s journey is quite the story!

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