This Dog Just Met Her New Adopted Sister And Can’t Hide Her Excitement

Introducing one dog to another can be nerve wracking. Try as we might, humans just don’t always know how our beloved furry friends will react to one another – how they communicate is still ultimately a mystery to us, so all we can do is hope they hit it off! It’s one thing to introduce your pup to a neighbor or friend’s dog – hopefully they become friends, of course, but if one of them doesn’t seem on board to socialize, you can simply walk away.

When you bring a new dog home for good, though, it’s that much more important that they get along with your first dog. The ideal situation? Both dogs are excited to meet and get to know each other. In this video, we see just that! A mini Pinscher, Riley, wastes no time welcoming home her new sister, a cute black dog named Lexie.

While both dogs are clearly content and getting along, it’s Riley’s enthusiasm that makes it so entertaining. It’s sweet to see her so quickly embrace her new family member, engaging in playtime rightaway, and making her feel at home.

Check it out!

Could Riley’s tail be wagging any more excitedly?! Too cute. How has your dog reacted when meeting new doggie siblings for the first time? Share in the comments!

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