Dog Was Left Alone And Injured In The Forest…What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart

On a cold winter day several months ago, a group of volunteers from Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit animal rescue group based in Austria, stumbled upon a beautiful black and white colored dog they decided to name Louie.

Louie had been abandoned in a Romanian forest with a serious injury to his paw and no food in sight. Part of his hind paw looked as though it had been chopped off; rescuers suspect the injury was the result of a hunting trap that the pup accidentally fell into while wandering.

He was alarmingly skinny, so the volunteers got him fed, then quickly moved to address his injury, as well as get him on the road to overall recovery. Once at the vet’s office, Louie is patient and very well-behaved; pretty impressive for a pup who had just been through so much! It’s amazing how even after his previous experience, Louie still manages to be so sweet to the humans who saved him. Just two weeks after being found, his tail is wagging up a storm! We would have never guessed the awful road little Louie had to take to arrive at that happy place.

Even though he is finally safe, healthy and happy, Louie is still waiting for his forever home. His foster family describes him as ‘obedient, kind and full of hope,’and a very friendly dog. Check out Louie’s full story in the video below, and if you are interested in adopting him or another animal from Howl Of A Dog, be sure to contact the organization for more info!

[youtube id=”AC5h_IilUOk”]

Such a brave doggie…

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