Dog Left Heartbroken After Family Surrenders Her To Shelter Because Of New Baby

Afraid, alone, and heartbroken… this describes how a sweet dog named Snowflake feels after her family surrendered her to Humane Society of Broward County after they had a baby.

The 3-year-old pit bull mix doesn’t understand why she is in this strange place and misses her family, even if they don’t miss her. She would have loved the baby and been a great big sister. Instead, she was cast aside and is now wondering what she did wrong.

She spends her days watching out the door of her kennel for someone to come and take her away from this loud place. The shelter shared a heartbreaking video which shows just how sad Snowflake is and why she needs to find a new loving family soon.

“Snowflake is so sad. She really misses her family. Sadly, this 3-year-old sweetheart was given up because a new baby arrived in her house ,” wrote the shelter.

“Snowflake is a newer arrival at our shelter and is usually very playful. She is loving with everyone around her. She is good with other dogs and older children. Snowflake is crate trained and knows sit and come. She likes to cuddle, and likes to be around you.”

The sweet pup does need to lose some weight as the extra pounds are putting stress on her knee joints. “Snowflake is 70lbs and does need to lose some weight. Due to her weight, she has thickening in both knee joints. She will need joint supplements and weight loss to help take pressure off her joints”.

She is such a good girl and just wants to find a family who will love her forever. Anyone interested in finding out more about Snowflake is encouraged to come and visit her at the shelter.

“Appointments are not necessary, so stop by the shelter located at 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL., the adoption department opens daily at 11 a.m. If you have questions call 954-989-3977 ext. 6.”

Dogs are members of the family, too. They ask for so little and give so much. Share this story with friends and family to help Snowflake find a forever home.

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