Dog Left Heartbroken After Family Surrenders Him To Shelter Because Of Allergies

A friendly dog named Simba doesn’t understand how he ended up alone in the shelter because he is such a good boy. He gets along with other dogs and loves people.

Sadly, he was surrendered by the only family he has ever known after four years. A member of the family developed allergies and they made the difficult decision to bring Simba to Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The sweet pup was left heartbroken and confused. The shelter posted a video showing Simba’s sad eyes on TikTok in hopes of finding him a loving home. They wrote, “He doesn’t understand why? Now, he gets separation anxiety and cries when he’s alone.”

Nearly one million people watched the video and many commented that they would not get rid of their pet due to allergies.

One viewer wrote, “Heartbreaking. I’d eat Zyrtec like candy before I could EVER consider getting rid of my babies. I hope this sweet boy finds his forever home.”

Several people inquired about Simba and within 24 hours of the video being posted he found a new loving home. His new mom, Megan, shared, “We adopted him today! He is a love!”

She posted a photo of Simba’s freedom ride which shows just how happy he is to be out of the shelter and on the way to his new home.

Simba is one of the lucky ones who found a loving home quickly. However, that isn’t always the case. Countless big dogs have been waiting for months for someone to adopt them. Be sure to check out all the other dogs and cats waiting at the shelter for their person.

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