Dog Left At Shelter After Her Owner Died Is Still There Years Later

After you hear Diamond’s story, you may wonder how she has managed to keep that sparkling smile. It could be because the staff at the shelter has taken care of her for most of her adult life – they are family. Dannie Wall, a board member of the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, said the staff loves her as if she was family.


It could be because Diamond loves to go on outings with the staff. Or maybe Diamond has that smile because she is just the eternal optimist.


She wakes up everyday thinking today is the day that she will finally find her forever home. Diamond started living at the shelter when she was three years old. Her best friend and owner died.


No one expected that Diamond would spend the next five years living at the shelter in West Virginia.


Now she is a senior canine, and everyone can see her hopes of finding a forever home are slim.


Happily, Diamond doesn’t know that. There have been calls about Diamond over the years. But they never pan out when they learn that Diamond can be the only dog in the house.


Wall says Diamond doesn’t tolerate other dogs well; she is a reactive dog. The shelter staff is working with Diamond, though. She goes to training once a week, and she is getting more comfortable being around other dogs.


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