Dog Left Tied To A Tree For Weeks Surprises Everyone With What She’s Been Hiding!

I think it is absolutely horrible that help took forever to come for Lara and her puppies because of her breed. This goes to show just how deadly stereotypes can be.

No one provided her even the most basic necessities such as food and water. It’s an absolutely shock she managed to pull through.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, they found Lara severely emaciated but thankfully, alive. Three of her four puppies are alive and healthy.

This mama dog is definitely a hero. Her pups are so young and unaware of just what big of a hero their mom had been for keeping them alive in that situation.

The rescuers wasted no time. They contacted potential foster homes for Lara and the puppies.

They eventually found one in Linda. She runs The Orphan Pet, which is basically her own home turned into a shelter. She does wonderful work for fur babies. Turn to the next page!

The beginning of Lara’s stay with Linda wasn’t exactly the easiest. Lara was incredibly wary her foster mom that she stopped eating.

But it wasn’t long before she started to trust again. Her personality started to shine, and so did her puppies’.

Lara eventually understood that Linda has good intentions. She calmed down, and showed love and loyalty to her foster mom.

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