Dog Listens To His Brother’s Video Message, Then Freaks Out When He Hears His Voice

It had been a long time since two puppy brothers, Samson and Boomer, had seen each other. They were separated in order to go live with two different families. Although the puppies were far from each other geographically, they never forgot about each other.

Realizing that their dogs were in a heartbreaking situation, Boomer and Samson’s owners thought to set something special up for the two brothers.

One day, Boomer sent Samson a video message that he just couldn’t get over.

Samson’s owner prepared him for the message, asking him, “Are you ready to hear your brother?”

She had her laptop ready to go and Samson was right by her side. The excited puppy barked and laid his head down on the computer, getting a little too close. After nudging Samson off, his owner hit play.

On the bright computer screen was another dog, almost identical to Samson. Boomer was laying on a bed during his message to his beloved brother.

In the video, Boomer barked softly and made a few other adorable noises. He grunted and his voice croaked during his message.

After the first bark, Samson stood still, his eyes lighting up as his head slowly tilted to the left. He barked as if to say, “My brother!” Samson quieted down to hear the end of the video. He wanted to hear his brother’s voice for as long as he could.

Boomer then grunted, his voice croaking during the message.

Once the video message had ended, Samson could not contain his emotions.

A thrilled Samson continued to bark with joy after indulging in this adorable reconnection with his brother.

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