Dog And Little Girl Snuggle Up Together In The Cutest Way Possible

Anyone who has the pleasure of owning one will completely agree that dogs really make the best friends imaginable.

They are and have always been the most loyal, loving, and fun pets you could ever own. I mean, they can literally tell you how much they love you. What other animal can do that! The argument is pretty much settled, but who doesn’t love more adorable proof?

One of the best parts of having a dog is that they’re so affectionate. They might not be the biggest fans of hugs, but they always want to be by your side and are ready at a moment’s notice for a good ol’ kiss attack. And don’t even get us started on how cute they are when they lay their head on your lap!

For this little girl, the only way to do nap time right is to snuggle up with her pup. And it looks like he loves it just as much! She kisses him good night and he returns the favor as she puts her arm around him.

It’s the cutest thing and we can only imagine her parents will show this video to everyone for the rest of her life. If only my golden retriever would lay still when it’s bed time!

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