This Dog Was Living Under A Shopping Cart, But She Wasn’t Exactly Alone

When Rescue From The Hart got a phone call about a stray dog living under a shopping cart, they set out to save her life. To their surprise, there was much more to her story than immediately met the eye.

Los Angeles-based Annie and James Hart founded the non-profit dog rescue in 2014. With the help of volunteers, donors, and social media, they’ve been able to rescue many dogs and place them in forever homes.

Every rescue is special, but they’ll never forget Bailey. How they saved her life (and a few others) is something that you have to see for yourself.

Bailey the dog was found living under a discarded shopping cart. A neighbor had been kind enough to leave her food and water and call for help.


Rescuers slowly gained her trust with treats. As they crept closer, they got a big surprise. Bailey was pregnant!


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