Dog Lost For Two Years Reunites With His Best Friend

In June 2019, an animal shelter in Ukraine rescued a dirty, neglected blue-eyed dog who had been living on the streets. The poor dog was emaciated, and he was covered in mange.

The shelter gave the dog lots of food and medicine. Then, they started looking for the right forever home for him.

The shelter shared a photo of the dog on their Facebook page. Since the dog was in rough shape, they thought it would be hard to get people interested in him. But to the shelter’s surprise, the dog’s sad blue eyes attracted lots of Facebook users’ attention. The post was shared hundreds of times!

Two days after the shelter posted the photo, a woman contacted the shelter and said the pup looked like her missing dog.

The woman explained that her dog, Lord, had been stolen from her yard in 2017. She was devastated by her loss—she missed him terribly.

“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” shelter worker Galina Lekunova told The Dodo.

The next day, the woman came to the shelter to meet the dog. The shelter took a heartwarming video of the reunion.
The dog and woman approached each other, both a little hesitant and nervous. Then, the dog’s tail started wagging. He jumped up and hugged the woman, and she immediately started crying. It was clear that this really was Lord!

“Fantastic Monday! Tears of joy in the morning!” the shelter wrote on their Facebook page. “All this time, the owners were looking for him, posted photos in groups. And here it is – a miracle. Thanks to your repost the dog was seen by a family friend living in Australia as well!!! I called the owners and they rushed for their treasure!”

The shelter also thanked everyone for sharing their post and helping Lord and his mom reunite.

“We thank everyone who shared our post,” the shelter wrote. “Thanks to you that the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!”

The video of the tear-jerking reunion quickly went viral, receiving over a million views. Everyone was touched by how much Lord and his mom loved each other.

“This dog took a moment and then it was, sniff sniff sniff, ‘MOM!!!!! Its you MOM!!! You found me!!!! Mom Mom Mom !!!!!’ I am cried happy tears as I type this. Thank you for getting this family back together,” one commenter wrote.

Lord and his mom clearly have an amazing bond, and we’re so glad they’re back together! If you want to see the moment Lord and his mom recognized each other, check out the video below.

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