Dog lost his legs, but not his big heart – home needed

A beautiful dog named “Santo,” has lost two of his rear legs, but not his big and loving heart. Santo, aka the “Wonderdog,” lost one of his legs after being hit by a car in November 2015. Tragically, his remaining rear leg became severely infected and it also had to be amputated – leaving him with just two front legs.

The loss of half of Santos’ limbs has not impacted this three-year-old dog’s lust for life, or desire to love and be loved.

Santo has a custom-made wheelchair (which he doesn’t really like) but he manages to get around with his remaining limbs, or while being carted around in his wagon.

Santo may have lost his legs, but he is still full of life and he desperately needs a forever home. Santo has his own Facebook page where he is beautifully described:

He is AMAZING. He is joyous, loving, affectionate, active, he loves to run on his two legs (see his videos!), he loves to bond with people, he is gentle, funny, gives affection, causes laugher, and more than anything else, has a lesson to share with us about happiness and life.

Please help this resilient and joyful dog find a special person who can appreciate his incredible zest for life and will to survive, despite incredible hurdles.

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