Dog Lost In Windstorm Two Years Ago Finally Comes Home

The last time Shanley Heinsma saw Shadow, her son had let the husky out in the backyard. That was over two years ago.

A massive windstorm tore through their hometown of Spokane, WA, and while many in the city were dealing with damage in the aftermath, Heinsma was dealing with a devastating loss.

She posted Shadow’s photo on Faceook and put up posters hoping someone would find her, but to no avail. That said, even with years gone, she never gave up hope. And then, last week, she saw a post about a husky; the dog looked eerily familiar.

“I told my fiance, ‘I’m like, there’s just no way right? It’s been so long,’” she told KHQ.

After comparing photographs, it turned out to be the missing dog. She reached out, and now Shadow and Heinsma are back together.

“Other people that lose their animals, don’t ever give up,” she said, giving words of encouragement to other dog owners dealing with similar situations. “The more you get your word out there the more people that know you’re searching.”

Heinsma’s first order of business, it should be noted, was getting Shadow microchipped,

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