Dog Loves Baby’s Laughter So Much, He Keeps Tickling Her Just To Hear Her Laugh

Brodie the dog’s newfound fondness for his wee baby sister, Jaylen, has turned him into a full-time comedian! Brodie is so fascinated by Jaylen’s reverberating giggles that he would resort to anything just to hear her chuckle all day. The video below captures one of his obsessive attempts to make Jaylen laugh – and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!

In this clip, Jaylen is perched atop Dad’s lap when Brodie barges in for some fun time with his human sibling. He tenaciously goes for her feet to smother her with a heavy dose of tickles. This “menacing” technique works without fail every time, leaving baby Jaylen in an uncontrollable fit of laughter!

Brodie is unyielding in his tickle attack as he keeps nudging and prodding the toddler to enjoy a prolonged session of her musical cackles! This is all the more hilarious when Jaylen practically has to grab her doggie brother to support her lingering happiness-induced “wobbles”, which her cautious dad manages perfectly well!

It’s heartwarming to watch Brodie and Jaylen bonding together fabulously so early on. They are going to be one epic brother-sister duo! Their everyday laughter rendezvous certainly multiply the memorable moments for the entire family! Make sure to tune up your volume meter for Jaylen’s hysterical laughs!

Click the video below to watch Brodie making repeated moves on Jaylen as he tries to keep the laughter coming!

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