Dog Loves To Peacefully Sleep On The Beach

It’s a well known and much beloved fact that dogs love to sleep. No matter how excitable or energetic a particular dog might be, when it comes time to have a bit of a snack, these amazing animals have the incredible ability of falling asleep in less than one minute flat!

It doesn’t matter where your dog might be. They could be sitting in your bed, laying on the sofa at home, or sleeping 40,000 feet high in the sky in an airplane. No matter where that dog is, if they decide they’re sleepy, you better believe they’re going to go to sleep when and where they please.

So when one man decided to take his adorable dog to the beach, it should come as no surprise that she lost interest in the waves and decided instead to catch some rays and get a good nap in.

When he saw just how comfortable his favorite dog managed to get, he just knew that he had to break out the camera and film as much as possible before she woke up. He slowly approaches her and gets incredibly close to her nose. Eventually, it turns out that this dog will not wake up, no matter how hard he might try!

The phrase, “let sleeping dogs lie,” comes to mind, and after seeing this dog day afternoon, we’d have to agree!

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