Dog Loves To Visit His Friends At The Pet Store, But Always Refuses To Leave!

There’s an endearing quality about dogs that most of us can’t get enough of: they have so much love to give! Especially to their family! Their love is abundant and being around them makes our hearts TOTALLY full!

This story is about a dog that loves to love!

Meet Rufio, the cutest Golden Retriever pup! His favorite past time is going to the pet store to see his tiny friends. He says hello to all the ones he meets, the fish and the hamsters are his favorite. His smile, ear to floppy ear, is infectious!

The only problem with this is HE HATES TO LEAVE! His human often has to drag him out when it’s time to go. Sometimes even picking him up, which is always a challenge because he’s a big boy!

Rufio is sure to make you smile, as he does every single person, or creature he meets! Isn’t he adorable?

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