Dog Makes 1,100 Mile Trek Home After Missing for 2 Years

Zeus had been missing since August of 2014, however as of April the 12th, he is home once again. Debi Petranck, of Ocala, Florida lost Zeus when he escaped the yard, and to everyone’s surprise, he turned up in Dearborn, Michigan! This meant that Zeus made a 1,100 mile journey. How did he do it? He walked, of course!


Somehow, Zeus scaled the fence on Petranck’s property in Ocala, Florida. For whatever reasons a dog could have, the pug-nosed terrier decided to have an adventure right then and there. Petranck spent days searching for him, but he never seemed to turn up. She never gave up hope, but also would never have thought he’d turn up in another state.


Well, this past Tuesday, 1,100 miles from home someone finally came across Zeus in Michigan, and contacted the Dearborn Animal Shelter. The animal shelter got in touch with Petranck, and she went out to get him right away.

It was a tearful reunion, but Zeus was very happy to finally see a familiar face. He took off running straight for her, and covered his human mom in kisses.


“Where have you been, where have you been,” Petranck said. “Oh, dear God, I have missed you so much.”

We wonder if Zeus will be taking any more adventures on any time, soon. We think not.


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