Dog Makes His Owner Open An Invisible Door Before He Comes Inside

Dogs are very smart creatures and they can be easily trained because of their excellent memory. They remember how things work. They observe us and they easily learn from our actions. That’s why some dogs can open the fridge door when their owners are away. It’s a clear display of how clever they can be!

So just like how they learn to open fridge doors, they also learn that screen doors exist, and that these doors have to be opened for them so they can get inside the house. However some dogs get confused with it, especially when they don’t see their human open the door for them.

In the video below you will see a dog who’s confused with the screen door. Her human removed the door’s screen to replace it. However, she thinks there’s still a screen on the door, so she refuses to get in, unless her human would open the door for her! Watch the video below!

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