Your Dog May Be Able to Do Tricks, but Sailor Takes it to a Whole new Level

Many dogs are very smart, and can seemingly be taught to do just about anything. Your dog may be able to fetch, catch, roll over or even shake hands. However, when it comes to doing some really record-breaking tricks, Sailor has the game on lockdown.

In fact, Sailor is so talented, he was recognized by the Guinness World Records just this past Thursday. Sailor now holds the record for fastest and longest distance on a Walking Globe. The three-year-old dog went ten meters in 33.22 seconds, breaking the previous record of 35 seconds.

The event was completely videoed by Guinness. In the video, Sailor makes a very difficult task for anyone look just so easy! As he goes, the ball stays in a nice straight line, and Sailor made it look like something he was born to do.

Using a Walking Globe isn’t the only trick this dog is good for. Sailor can leap multiple bars in one shot, jump rope, jump through different sized hoops, and many more things. Sailor also holds the record for the fastest time climbing 20 stairs by a dog as well. He picked up that title in September of 2015.

Yes, Sailor is one talented pooch. And the fact that he makes everything he does look so simple shows just how good of a dog he really is. Go Sailor!

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