Dog Mimics Little Girls Jumping Up And Down On The Bed

I’m sure all of us dog lovers know how smart our beloved dogs are. They have keen powers of observation, and they can be trained to do almost anything. We teach them basic tricks like “sit” and “stay”. And some people even teach their dogs amazing tricks like walking on a tightrope! But sometimes, they do something we didn’t teach them at all. They just pick it up by watching us do it. Like that dog who knew how to open the fridge. His owners didn’t teach him to do that; he just learned it himself!

The dog in the video below wasn’t taught to jump on the bed either. He was just watching his little sisters jump up and down on the bed, and he noticed how much fun they were having. So he thought he should give it a try! And when the little girls saw their dog copying them, they encouraged him to jump more! It’s just the cutest thing! Take a look at the video below!

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