Dog Missed His Mom So He Calls Her On The Phone And Gives Her An ‘Earful’

Being away from our pets is never easy, even when it’s just for routine things like going to work. We miss our furry friends, and it’s even harder when we know they miss us too.

Pets often look for their owners, sniff their spots on the bed, or linger by the door when they’re away. Some dogs, like a 15-pound pup, stretch their entire body to see out the window, despite it being uncomfortable, just to be the first to spot their owner’s return. Their love is truly unparalleled!

For Stanley, an Airedale, being away from his mom is pure torture. So his dad decides to give mom a call, allowing “their son” to say “hi.” The adorable interaction that follows is a delightful treat for mom, who can’t wait to walk through the door and reunite with her beloved canine companion.

Stanley’s longing for his mom is palpable, and it’s likely he “counts down the minutes” on both paws until her return. Many pet owners can relate to this experience, with pets waiting by the door or eagerly anticipating their owner’s arrival.

You can watch Stanley’s heartwarming phone call with his mom in the video below, and be sure to share this sweet story with friends and family members. It’s a touching reminder of the deep bond between pets and their humans, and the lengths they’ll go to stay connected even when apart.

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