Dog Missing For Six Days On The Street Cries When She Sees Her Owner

If you’re a dog owner and have never had your pet run out the door or sneak through the gate when you weren’t looking, consider yourself very lucky.

Whether they just take off running after a bicyclist or go missing for weeks on end, losing track of your furry best friend is both frustrating and scary. No one wants to be in the position of making “Missing” signs or frantically calling the local shelters.

As you can see in this unbelievable video, sometimes lost dogs make their way home after years away…and remember their owners, too! However, not every pet experiences a story like the movie Homeward Bound. The following video proves that getting lost far away from home can be really upsetting for the dog as well.

Six days before this video was taken, YouTube user M13′s dog went missing while his wife was shopping in a local market in Chungli, Taiwan. The owner claims they had been keeping the dog off her leash for 16 years, but fireworks startled the dog and sent her running. After days of searching, he finally found his beloved Schnauzer in a completely different city.

The dog had clearly been shaken by her six days on the street, because when she heard her master’s motorcycle, she went running and even started to cry.

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