Dog In Mourning For His Cat Best Friend Gets A New Kitten To Cheer Him Up

Forsberg the Golden Retriever and Ginger the Orange Tabby Cat were the best of pals. One pet was rarely seen without the other close by.

They would snuggle close together on the sofa, napping the day away contentedly as senior pets often do.


When Ginger passed away from thyroid cancer at the age of 15, 10-year-old Forsberg was devastated.


He went from room to room searching for his lost friend, not understanding what had happened.


Mom, Jen Philion couldn’t bear to see her boy in so much pain, so she brought home a new kitty named Maxwell.


Although Max can never fill the hole that Ginger left in Forsberg’s heart, the two have become new BFFs.


Max perches in the same spot that Ginger once did – on top of Forsberg’s paws and curled against his side.


They enjoy sitting together in the window watching the world go by.


A year has passed since Max came along and he is now a full-grown feline. Although Forsberg is a senior, he definitely remains young at heart. Here he

is playing tug-of-war with his brother, Tucker while Max looks on.
Max also helps keep Forsberg on his toes with playful pranks – like snagging his leash when he’s trying to go for a walk.


Dogs like Forsberg are proof that when it comes to animals, love runs deep and transcends species barriers.


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