Dog Nearly Hanged to Death Now Lives Pampered Life


Sunny got adopted to a loving forever family that treats her like royalty.  However, her story could have been very different if someone hadn’t found her when they did and rescue her.  She’s gone from a dog that knew only fear and abuse, to a pampered pooch.

Thankfully, someone called 911 on May 12th of 2015.  They came across Sunny, hanging by her jaw in a park in Arizona.  When she was rescued, it was found that she had a slew of injuries to her jaw, and brain damage that would require intensive surgery and after care.

The case got international attention.  Donations came in for Sunny from all over the world.  Almost $25,000 was raised to help her through her injuries, and into her recovery.  After a long and arduous battle with medical issues, the search for a forever family for Sunny was on.

On December 18th, Sunny went home to a real family that would love her forever.  So far, they’ve showered her with love, affection and attention.  She’s been on two family road trips so far, and even went through ten weeks of obedience school.  She’s a huge fan of playing fetch, and loves watching over the family’s three rescued cats.

Sunny sure has come a long way from the horrifically abused dog she was, to the fully fledged family member she is today.  Without all the hard work of the rescue crew, the medical staff and the family that now loves her, Sunny wouldn’t have made it this far, and anyone that has ever rescued a dog before knows, they are always the most thankful creatures of all.


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