Dog Obeys Transit Laws and Wears Safety Helmet

When it comes to transporting your dog in a vehicle, the verdict is still out on what’s the safest method to use. Is it using a crate, doggy seatbelts, doggy baskets or simply just letting your dog be free in the car? Accidents happens and no matter what, pet owners try to put their safety and the safety of their pets first.

A man in India was probably thinking of just that when he ventured with his dog on a highway. The pet owner doesn’t have a car, or at least was not using one when this video was recorded.  Instead he is traveling on a motorcycle, and so is the pooch.


Safety comes first and that’s why the dog is wearing a helmet.

Sure, having a dog sitting on the back of a bike doesn’t sound safe at all, but at least this man and his dog are following traffic laws and making an effort to stay safe.

They won’t be getting a ticket for not wearing a helmet.

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