Dog On Euthanasia List Learns How To Walk Again

When a dog named Doc suddenly lost his ability to walk, his owner left him at a shelter, claiming that he could no longer care for the dog. Doc was then placed on the shelter’s euthanasia list that very same day. Things would have ended right then and there for Doc, only he caught an extremely lucky break.

McKenzie, a fosterer, intervened and offered to take in Doc. She wanted to see if there was anything she could do to help Doc walk. However, the following morning while at a vet appointment, McKenzie was given the tragic news that Doc was suffering from degenerative myelopathy. The vet suggested that the kindest thing they could do for him was to humanely put him to sleep. Feeling sad, McKenzie asked if she could take Doc home for the day in order to say goodbye.

At home, McKenzie and Grant both prepared their goodbyes for Doc by hosting a picnic in their yard for the pup. During their farewell picnic, the two decided to give Doc one final chance to see if there was any hope of him walking. They quickly put together a homemade harness and lifted him up to see if there were any signs of his ability to walk.

And surprisingly enough, Doc’s back legs showed some signs of still being able to move. That is when they knew they couldn’t put him to sleep. if Doc was willing to fight on, they would happily support him. The two went ahead and canceled Doc’s scheduled euthanasia.

Watch the clip below:

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