Dog On Walk Leads Owner To An Abandoned House Where They Find A Puppy

Ace and his owner were on a walk one day when the unthinkable happened. The pit bull started pulling on his leash, leading them to an abandoned house. The man saw something inside he’ll never forget.

Ace the pit bull was on a walk with his owner when he started pulling toward an abandoned house. The man didn’t know what to think.

It were as if Ace knew there was a neglected puppy inside that needed saved. The pup lay on the concrete in terrible shape.

The man rushed the poor thing to Second Chance Rescue in New York where they discovered many problems: immobility, swelling, head trauma, and vision loss. They feared the worst for Theo.

But then a miracle unfolded right before their eyes.

Theo started to move and even stand up on his own. But the biggest surprise was that his vision came back!

The pup was then transferred to a vet clinic that put him on around-the-clock care. He recovered tremendously on their watch. 🙂

Here’s a video from Second Chance Rescue showing some of Theo’s progress.

If it weren’t for Ace, poor Theo likely would’ve never been found and rescued. Sometimes things are just meant to happen, whether we can explain them or not. And Ace was meant to find Theo that day. 🙂

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