Dog-opoly Lets You Buy Adorable Dogs Instead Of Real Estate As You Work Your Way Around The Board

Like many people, you have probably enjoyed a long game of Monopoly to kill an afternoon. It is a game that has worked its way into our lives and perhaps you have even tried a specialty spin on the game at some point. That is where Dog-opoly comes in.

When you play Dog-opoly, it is similar to the standard Monopoly game but with a dog theme. Rather than buying luxury properties, you spend your money on dogs of different sizes and breeds. It also teaches you something about our furry friends in the process.

Dog-opoly is one of the many unofficial spins that have been put on the Monopoly game. The playing pieces are all themed after dogs, including a mailman, fire hydrant and a dog bowl. You can buy the dogs once you land on the spaces. The money you pay will depend on the size. For example, a Chihuahua is close to ‘Go’ on the Mediterranean Avenue square and the Great Dane is on Boardwalk. Each dog has facts about the breed.

When you pass ‘Go Fetch’ you collect $200 or you have to give up the money if you catch fleas. Rather than a jail space, you go to the kennel. You also won’t find houses or hotels because they use dog houses and big bones instead.

You can buy Dog-opoly on Amazon for $19. Then again, if you happen to be a cat person, you can buy that unofficial spin-off on Amazon as well.

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