This Dog Owner Is WISHING He Bought Dog Insurance!

Everyone has had this thought at least once – “Is it REALLY necessary to get insurance for my pet?” Sure – if nothing goes wrong you might think you wasted your money. But – what if something DOES go wrong?

There’s one thing for certain and that’s that we can’t predict the future. And after all there is the age old adage “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” The story you’re about to hear falls in this category. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies!

A Canadian dog owner is now rallying online trying to set up fundraising sites for his 3 dogs that were injured all at the same time. The vet bills have surpassed over $8,000. An amount of money that no one generally has just lying around.

The three Pit Bulls – named Mahalo, Nestah, and Soljah were all playing outside in the Saskatchewan province of Canada when they had a VERY nasty and scary encounter. Something the owner never expected to happen.

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While playing and frolicking in the farmland the three curious dogs encountered a giant porcupine! Porcupines quills can shoot from their body in defense and pierce through the toughest of skin and fur.

 Poor Mahalo had to be rushed to the vet after the quills had pierced her heart and her lungs. Nestah had quills shot into his face dozens of times avoiding any serious injury but very painful nonetheless. Lastly – Soljah received quills into her mouth.

The owner, named Dennis Mazur, is a social worker who cannot afford the ungodly vet bills and has turned to social media for help. Something that insurance would have easily covered since this was not a pre-existing condition.

The veterinarian said that if Mahalo hadn’t been a Pit Bull with all that muscle he wouldn’t have survived. She is now recovering at home.


This is one of those stories that really makes you sit back and think – is it worth it to pay a small amount every month in dog insurance? Or should you just cross your fingers and hope nothing happens? What do YOU think?

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