Dog Owners Are Much Happier Than Cat Owners, Survey Suggests

People have argued about the dogs versus captivate for about as long as anyone can remember. A recent survey has perhaps put that argument to rest but then again, it may have started an argument all of its own.

Animals are amazing, and I don’t think anybody would argue with that fact. One thing that we do know is that not all animals are the same.

Cats are absolutely adorable but I’m sure most people would agree that the love of a dog is something we could live with 24 hours a day. They are totally devoted to the human beings in their life and there is nothing like having a dog on your lap or laying by your feet.

The love of the dog also causes a lot of love in the hearts of humans. In fact, it seems that the love dogs provide to their owners is far greater than the love cats provide to their owners.

The General Social Survey, which is run by NORC which is a University of Chicago research organization posted the following. 36% of dog owners considered themselves to be ‘a very happy’ but only 18% of cat owners felt the same way.

Perhaps this has to do with the independent nature of felines and the fact that sometimes, you have to work hard to get any affection from them. They do seem to have their own minds, and it may have affected the results.

Additional factors also need to be considered, so it isn’t as simple as laughing in the face of cat owners. Quite honestly, that isn’t going to solve anything.

The results of the survey were published in the Washington Post and it pointed out the relationship status of some of the respondents.

People who own dogs are more likely to be married, which can lead to some satisfaction and happiness in life. Not every married person is going to agree, but I’m sure there are other surveys for that fact.

There also was not any measurement for the satisfaction that cat owners have in life who are married.

I’m sure that the data could have been tested more fully but you really can’t say that all cat owners are crazy people who don’t have love in our lives. They may not be ‘very happy’ as often, but I’m sure they are happy.

The GSS is not just surveying cat and dog owners. They have been around since 1972 and have conducted all types of research. One type of research that they did was on people who smoke marijuana and the types of relationships they are having or not having.

Another study showed that half of the young Americans today are not involved with a romantic partner. I find that to be interesting.

Honestly, it may just be that people are following so many ‘glamorous’ people on Facebook, they don’t have room for it in their own life.

If you would like to learn more about the survey agency, you can always check out their website. You will find plenty of interesting facts on their website that goes beyond the study on cat and dog owners.

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