This Dog Has Been Through More Pain Than You Can Imagine, But Look At Him Now

When Meri first saw Zhile in Macedonia over three years ago, she knew that she needed to help him.

For months and months, he lived in the mountains close to a popular ski resort, and it’s thought that he managed to survive multiple altercations with wolves in the area.

After that, on February 23, 2013, a monster shot at Zhile and many other dogs, and the horrific act of abuse led to his paralysis.

Unable to use his back legs, he dragged himself to one of the resort’s cottages. Tourists then brought him to a vet for help.

Veterinarian Marin Velickovski took the bullet out of his back. It was then that Zhile began the journey to health and happiness, but sadly, it became clear that he’d never walk without a rear-leg wheelchair again.

The people who cared for him weren’t sure how this disability would affect his quality of life. Uncertain about what to do, they turned to the internet. Thankfully, helpful, inspiring responses poured in, convincing them that Zhile would be okay with the right care. That’s around the same time he got his first wheelchair!

Despite all of that hardship, Zhile is a loving, happy dog. He and his favorite humans fought hard and filled each day with all the joy they could muster during such a hard time.

Here he is with Meri saying goodbye to the mountain he once called home. Although the moment was bittersweet, he was off to a new life the United States with a family that couldn’t wait to welcome him.

Zhile absolutely loves his life in Pennsylvania. This is the happy pup with his dad and his sister, Morgan.

Obviously, they love him to pieces. How could you not?

After he got all settled in, they decided to surprise him with a visit from one of his first friends. Meri came all the way from Macedonia to say hello! Check out their heartwarming reunion in the video below.

Isn’t it amazing how animals can bring people together?

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