Dog Passes Away But Has A Request For The Mailman Who Always Gave Her Treats

Fernando the mailman recently lost a friend and one of the dogs on his route, and his daughter, Twitter user @amorningsting, took to the social media platform to share the bittersweet way in which he found out.

Fernando carries a bag of treats with him while on his route to hand out to the dogs every day. But when he got to Gretchen’s house on this particular day, there was a bag of treats for him to take.

His daughter posted a screenshot of the text her dad sent her when he learned the news. He wrote, “Awww just found out one of my buddies passed away yesterday… Gretchen was a huge German shepherd but she was a teddy bear.”

Fernando then sent a picture of the bag of treats that was left for him, and it read:

“Gretchen passed away yesterday. She asked me to ask you if you would share her treats that she never got to finish with the other dogs on your route. She always enjoyed seeing you come to the door and was always happy to get a snack from you. Thank you, The Cimino Family.”

Gretchen’s owner saw the daughter’s tweet and replied by saying, “My wife and I were told about Gretchen’s letter to Fernando being on Twitter. I can’t begin to tell y’all how much it has meant to us seeing how much love and support y’all have shown our girl. She was the absolute best.”

The couple had adopted Gretchen from the shelter when she was just two years old, and she clearly impacted their lives in a big way. They hope this story persuades more people to adopt older shelter dogs who may be overlooked.

In tribute to his best friend, the man shared a short video of Gretchen doing her favorite thing and waiting at the door for Fernando. 🙂

What a sad but sweet story. May Gretchen rest in peace knowing she made so many people smile.

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