Dog Plays Hide And Seek With His Owner But His Tail Gives Him Away

One of the best parts about having a dog is the fact that they love to play games. Okay, to be fair, there are so many wonderful qualities to a dog, but their enjoyment of good old fashion game playing is definitely a perk.

Whether with a game of chase or hide and seek, a dog is always down to play with its owner.

One particularly adorable game to play with your dog is hide and seek. It’s always so entertaining to have your dog try to hide.

Bless their sweet little hearts, but they never manage to do it right. Somehow, you’re always able to find them. And to be fair, sometimes they don’t try to hide all that well. Maybe they don’t have that super competitive spirit when it comes to playing a friendly game of hide and seek.

For one owner, a game of hide and seek with his dog, Winston, turned into a very hilarious moment that just had to be recorded and then uploaded online.

In the video, little Winston is in the middle of a game with his dad. He’s hiding, but he didn’t do it quite that well.

While he’d taken refuge beneath his owner’s bedsheets, it turns out that Winston forgot to hide his tail – and it was his giveaway sign!

Not only do you see Winston’s tail hanging out of the sheets, but he then begins to wag it every time his owner says his name. It’s the cutest little mistake ever!

Watch the video below:

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