Dog Prays With Dad Before Eating His Meal

Every family has different traditions and habits when it comes to mealtime.

For those who are religious, saying a prayer before a meal is often the norm.

Growing up, we always said grace before eating. If we didn’t eat as a family, we said our prayers individually to thank God for our food and ask for a blessing over it.

A family in Lubbock, Texas also participates in pre-meal prayers and they’ve even got their dog in on it!

An adorable video shows the dog, Luka, saying his prayers before eating his meal and it’s so precious!

“Want some food? Come on!” his dad says at the start of the clip.

The two walk over to the food bowl and Dad scoops some food into the pup’s bowl. While most dogs would immediately start to dig in, Luka knows better.

He patiently waits until his dad “prays” with him.

The dad grabs Luka’s paws and begins the prayer. He says, “Dear lord, thank you for Luka. Thank you for the blessing he is to our family. I pray that you use this food to nourish our bodies and that you live a long, happy, and healthy life. Amen.”

As soon as he finishes the prayer, Luka hops up and starts to chow!

What a sweet boy. Check out the video below:

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