Dog Recovering After Being Thrown Into Traffic From SUV

Lisa Gabrielle was driving along Camino Real in Boca Raton, FL, when she saw someone inside a black SUV shove a Dalmatian out of the vehicle.

Stopping to help, she says, was involuntary.

“I saw the car stop and I just saw hands just push them out. I rescued my own dog two years ago and I just saw him when I saw this. I really hope that we can find whoever did that is because I am such an animal lover and the fact that I saw a dog have to go through something like that is so heartbreaking,” Gabrielle told local affiliate CBS 12.

She was able to rescue the dog and then took him to Tri-County Humane Society where that dog was treated for being “severely malnourished.”

The Tri-County Humane Society has been in contact with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office regarding the incident, and are hoping to find this dog a forever home in the coming days. They’ve been calling him Buster since his arrival.

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