Dog Refuses To Let Toddler Take Over The Doggie Bed

Having animals in a home with small children can be challenging. If the pets were there first, they may feel resentful or upset by the presence of a new baby, and their relationship may take some time to blossom.

Sometimes, our pets simply won’t get along with the kids no matter how hard we try. Other times, they may get along just fine but the dog or cat makes it clear that they’re the one in control – especially if they were there before the kid came along.

One adorable pooch was learning to live with a toddler in the house and it’s clear that he likes his space and refuses to give it up.

In a hilarious video shared on social media, you can see the toddler approaching the dog’s bed and climbing inside.

The dog stands by and watches for a moment before deciding to act. While some dogs wouldd simply give up and lose control of their doggie bed, this pup wasn’t going to let that happen.

As soon as the child is all the way in the dog bed, the pup grabs a corner and flips the child off the bed! He then carries to bed away, as the child follows and tries to hit the dog.

We can only hope that the parents intervened and didn’t allow the child to continue tormenting the poor pup. If no one else would protect his private, personal space, he had to protect it himself!

Check out the clip below:

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