Dog Rescued From Death Row Greets Her Dad Like This Every Day

Dogs who get rescued from the shelter often are very, very grateful! Imagine living in a shelter. You have food and water, yes. Maybe a shelter worker takes a moment to greet you and talk to you. But, life in a shelter is a lonely and often hopeless existence. Just ask Peanut, she is about 1 year old. Peanut had been living in a kill shelter for 12 days before being adopted by Eric Fox.


Eric wrote on YouTube that at first, Peanut was scared of everything at her new home. But within a couple of weeks, Peanut settled in and has now become a big baby who loves (I mean loves) her dad! Here is a video that shows how Eric is greeted every day when he comes home from work by Peanut!

Take a look at this video!

Geez, I hope he can breathe! That is a lot of puppy kisses! Share away, people!

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