Dog rescued from icy water turns to help rescuer out of pond

“Bri” is one lucky dog. The crew from South Metro Fire Rescue saved the adorable pup from the icy waters of a pond, in Lakewood, Colorado on Saturday. The crew from Firehouse 34 were quick to arrive with one rescuer already dressed in a yellow dry suit as he ventured out onto the thin ice, safely secured by a rope, to help pluck Bri out of the frigid waters.

According to the social media page of the South Metro Fire Rescue, someone called 911 after spotting the dog unable to get out of the  water. One fireman, dressed in his dry suit, which are specially designed to protect the men during these daring rescue operations, crawled out to the spot. In less than ten seconds Bri was safely out of the ice shaking it off.

What makes this rescue even more heartwarming is the part where the dog is rescued, but at that moment it seems Bri tried to return the good deed and drag his rescuer out of the water.

Check it out:

The fire department also warns pet owners to keep their dogs leashed and never attempt to rescue an animal in distress.

All firemen and Bri are reported safe.

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