Dog Rescued From Overcrowded Shelter Has Her Very First Good Night’s Sleep

Peppa is still very young, but it didn’t keep her from ending up in a shelter. It didn’t matter that she’d only been there a few days, because overcrowding and an uncertain future made it nearly impossible for the 6-month-old Chinese Shar-pei to sleep. Then, she met her forever family and finally knew peace.

Since that day, she’s never slept better.

“At first she would sleep all day long,” Loren Montgomery, Peppa’s mom, told The Dodo. “Now, she sleeps a good part of the day, and then sleeps all night like a human.”

Peppa loves sleeping in her new home. Montgomery even caught her snoring when she first arrived.

“She got a good bath, she ate, and she’s been sleeping like she hasn’t slept in years,” Montgomery wrote in a Facebook post. “She snored like an exhausted mechanic her first night.”

Watch Peppa snoozing here:

The only thing that can come between Peppa and her beauty rest is her little sister, Bonet.

“She gets along with Bonet, unless she’s sleeping,” Montgomery said. “She doesn’t like when Bonet wakes her up to play! They play-fight until they get tired, relax and play-fight again over and over until it’s time to sleep again.”

Montgomery adopted the scared pup a few weeks ago and has since been working on helping her come out of her shell.

“When we first took Peppa in, she was very timid,” Montgomery said. “She wouldn’t look at us, and she would look down at the ground when talking to her or trying to pet her. She is still slightly timid, but is adjusting well.”

It’s been a learning experience, but Peppa’s presence has made a positive difference in her mom’s life.

“She has made me more patient,” Montgomery said. “Seeing how chill and mellow she is calms me.”

Now that they have each other, they can both sleep sound tonight, and every night.

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